Welcome on the website of The Yoga Tree Hilversum! I give Hatha Yoga lessons to individuals and small groups in Hilversum. I am not working in a studio, I come to your or a friend’s house, to your work or any other convenient to you. Find out more about conditions and possibilities under the category ‘Practical information’.

What is yoga?

Yoga is a practice from ancient India. The term Yoga derives from the Sanskrit: to yoke, to join. The symbol of the yoke can be applied to all levels of your life and consciousness.

Yoga can help you building a bridge between your body and your spirit, your thoughts and your breathing. Yoga can open a way to yourself and the others. Yoga can also help you feel what is truly, essentially good for you, and help you create in a hustle and bustle of everyday life a calm and serene place. Discover your body as a key to your well-being, and do it with respect, patience … and a little bit of discipline!

Yoga is for everyone! Whether you are an experimented yogi, or just curious about yoga, whether you want to improve your physical health or feel more relaxed, whether you want to practice being in the ‘here and now’ or simply dedicate an hour to yourself:

Feel welcome in the yoga world. It may open many doors to all aspects, practical or spirituals, of your life.